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Ride-on Children's Digger

Ride-on Children's Digger

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Categories: Complete Range, Ride On Digger & Excavator Toy, SALE, Work

Give your child the ultimate fun and learning experience.

This Ride-on Children's Digger offers hand-eye coordination through fun playtime with the ability to steer the ride-on and control the boom and loader bucket. With a comfortable concave shape seat paired with a seat back rest, your child will be safe, comfy and secure during inside and outside playtime. The seat lifts up and there is a cheeky, secret removable storage bin inside to safely store the most important belongings of your child's choice.

Your little one will enjoy endless fun through an exciting afternoon of digging with the interactive rattle gearstick, decoration switch knob, squeaky horn on the steering wheel and dual operation levers to scoop and lift up light items. The rider's maximum capacity of 25 kilograms ensures your child can get plenty of use for a couple of seasons, while digging in a dashing, vibrant yellow colour, complete with decoration themed stickers.

Watch your child explore inside and outside scooping up sand, mulch, toys and treasures with this Ride-on Children's Digger.

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